Peace and Healing

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For The World
Using Altars


In June, 2005, my friend Gaila and I were having tea at the Wildflower Café in Wimberley, Texas and decided to write a book, this book.


Since Gaila was an exquisite artist, our plan was that she would design the Goddesses. I would write it and we would create the altars together.  Sadly for us – not her, my sweet friend passed from this life in October of that year. For the next few months my grief overtook me and I created nothing.


Gaila began to communicate with me the third day she left and she hasn’t stopped. The following message she gave to me for this book in September 2007.


“Advantageous to the truth of this book is the Heart to Heart Healing technique. I would encourage everyone to use it, if it is in alignment with your belief system. (You will find it explained in detail in the Group chapter.) It is a way to empower yourself, the Earth Mother, the fairies of the earth (to which I am attuned) and most of all, the children. To be truly cognizant of the interconnectedness of all life forms, we must feel this connection with our hearts.

Do you connect with your heart?

Is your heart closed or open?

If it is closed, find ways to open it.

I cannot tell you how important it is to keep your heart open. It is paramount to the evolution of the human race.  


People cannot make war with an open heart.

People cannot commit crimes with an open heart.

People cannot abuse children with an open heart.

People cannot live out their lives in fear with an open heart.

People cannot cheat their neighbors with an open heart.

People cannot create negativity with an open heart.

Keeping your heart open is the single, most important piece of advice I could ever impart to you.  Please teach this to your children.

Peace happens one heart opening at a time.”


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